The full, fabulous bloom of fall

By Dan Husted
Published December 3, 2010

(Click on each photo to enlarge)

Jeffersonville GC, Par 4, No. 3

This photograph was taken earlier in the fall season, just when the foliage was starting to turn colors. I was wrapping up shooting for the afternoon and making my way back to my car when this unfolded right in front of me. Between the leaves and the warmth of the light, the colors were stunning. Thirty seconds later the light was gone...

Jeffersonville GC, Par 5, No. 6

This one one of my favorite holes at Jeffersonville, both as a golfer and a photographer. To play it is one thing; to photograph it is quite another.

When I play this hole I always admire the way it's laid out, the way it meanders through the landscape, the way it flows. To capture what I see with a camera is next to impossible. Photography can be like this...a subject can look and feel right, but once you put the camera to your eye that feeling disappears.

This becomes a challenge for me; against my better judgment I will shoot anyway, in the hopes that something will click visually for the camera and ultimately for the viewer. This was it...this was the shot that worked! As soon as I found my angle and started shooting, the birds flew through the scene...I love it when Mother Nature pitches in and helps out!

Jeffersonville GC, Par 5, No. 6

This is a tighter can see how focal length of the lens and cropping can change the way a scene looks. Same hole, totally different look.

One of the reasons why I enjoy this photograph is that golfers who know this course well have a difficult time guessing which hole it is. I love this because it makes people to really take a closer look at where they play.

Jeffersonville GC, Par 4, No. 7

This hole has really grown on me both as a golfer and as a photographer. As a golfer there is a risk/reward off of the tee.

Cut the corner and it's a short iron in. Try to cut the corner and you end up in a fairway bunker with little chance of hitting the green. Don't cut the corner and it's a medium- to long-iron shot into the green....however it's a pushed up green with no room for error on your approach. Miss the green in any direction and it's a tough chip or bunker shot. I always hear this green saying to me "yeah...try to hit me". Visually this green is stunning at sunrise or sunset, as you see all of its undulations. This photo was taken in late afternoon...I love the different species of trees, the different colors that surround this greens complex.

Jeffersonville GC, Par 4, No. 7

This is one of my favorite photographs from this project. One of the things you will notice at Jeffersonville are the huge oaks that look over the course...they are truly spectacular. I wanted to somehow capture this, to show a sense of scale, to show how majestic the oaks are. I would go back and photograph this scene every time I was there shooting...I got this on my third attempt. It really reminds me of a Maxfield Parrish painting...ironically Parrish's home and studio were named "The Oaks".

Jeffersonville GC, Par 4, No. 7

This was early on in photographing the course this fall. This was just as the sun was setting and this golfer was enjoying a solo late day round. To me the simplicity of this photograph really works. The color, the stillness of the scene, the shorts. Indian summer.

Jeffersonville GC, Par 4, Number 10

I wanted to use the fall foliage as a backdrop to a flag. In order to do this, I used a long focal length with a shallow depth of field.

Jeffersonville GC, Par 3, No. 12

This day was particularly windy with gusts over 30 mph. It can be trying to photograph in the wind, especially when you are shooting hand-held with a long, heavy lens. I shot this with a really fast shutter speed to capture the flag in motion, taking around 15 frames to get the flag just in numbers! The way the flag is rippled shows just how windy it was.

Jeffersonville GC, Par 4, No. 13

My favorite hole at Jeffersonville is No. 13. It's a challenging golf hole and it's visually stunning from your approach shot to the green. Two great shots and you are on -- just don't be above the hole!

Not too many pars here for me. I really spent a lot of time photographing this hole, coming back to it every time I was was there to shoot. Hard to describe, but there have not been that many times over the years photographing golf courses that a golf hole speaks to me like this one.

I love the color here with the tree in the foreground. This was taken from the 14th fairway.

Jeffersonville GC, Par 4, No. 13

This is the approach to the green. What you don't see is the way the fairway drops off into a small stream, then back uphill to the green. This was shot with a long lens to compress the scene, to simplify it, so as the veiwer you look at the green.

Jeffersonville GC, Par 4, No. 13

I followed these two gentlemen for a couple of holes. The person putting in this scene had a great up and down here. The swath of light makes this shot, adding some drama to the image. Moments later the light was gone making for an ordinary picture....

All photographs Daniel Husted. All Rights Reserved. Contact Dan Husted at 215-519-0014 or


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Coach[12/23/2010 8:20:29 AM]
Great re-do of Ross design. Great pictures! Excellent staff, thus making it a great golfing experience! Coach
Michael Verruto[12/7/2010 2:27:09 PM]
G O R G E O U S S H O T S ! ! ! ! !
AKB[12/4/2010 6:50:31 AM]
Fabulous photos & intriguing descriptions. Makes me want to go checkout the course.
Ed W.[12/3/2010 11:41:41 AM]
I wish Jeff GC looked like this all the time. Great pictures.
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