Pilgrim's Oak Golf Course (Peach Bottom, PA)

The views at Pilgrim's Oak are quite nice, especially if you grew up in the farm belt like I did. #1:  the opener is a downhill par 4 that is a bit hard to decipher from the tee;  the pin is visible by the sand trap in the distance. #1:  here's a view from 200 yards out; the fairway drops down hard past those signs. #1:  there's actually a plateau as this view back up the fairway shows.
#1:  and although the hole is really straight, the fairway does an S as you approach the green. #1:  big hitters might bust it down to this area. #1:  a view from 75 yards. #1:  a view from behind the green; this is about the average green size at P.O., which are not big.
#2:  the second hole is a par 4 running back up the hill, roughly parallel to #1; from the tips it is 415, a healthy hole with the climb. #2:   yeah, it is uphill on the tee shot! #2:  fairway bunkers exist left and right. #2:  a view back to the tees (#1 green visible to the left).
#2:  a view from 150 yards. #2:  a view back down the fairway. #2:  a long, narrow, but wonderful green here on #2. #2:  one lone bunker at the green exists left.

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